Need a massage? Relax at Mandala Day Spa.


My Better-Half and I have been regulars at Mandala for many years, and will continue to be in the future. Mandala has the ability to transpose you to some far-away place. A relaxing oasis. An exotic get-away, if only for a few hours. It is absolutely a wonderful break from life in Budapest, and I always chuckle when exiting the spa, and sure enough the door opens and there is Budapest. Don’t get me wrong, Budapest is great – but life would be better with more Mandala.

Located on Ipoly Utca in wonderful District XIII, just about one block away from the hipster Poszonyi ut that is lined with coffee houses, trendy boutique chocolatiers, donut houses, and some nice eats. But Poszonyi is for another review, this is about Mandala and being lifted away to a galaxy far, far away. Upon entering the spa, you will be met by staff at a small front desk where you will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire to ensure your stay is optimized. Then through a wave of your hand you enter the proper spa area, and immediately are in another world. Filled with mystical music, fantastic soothing lights and sound, you walk down a short hallway to your respective locker room.

The locker rooms are quite nice and are joined by a coed sauna that can be enjoyed before or after your appointment. Your appointed locker will have your robe and slippers waiting and plenty of room to store your clothes and valuables (each locker has a lock and key – no need to bring your own). Once prepped, you head to the spa relaxation area that is like entering a relaxation chamber. Comfortable semi-private couches will host you until your name is called from your masseuse. Need a drink or s nibble? Help yourself to fresh teas, flavored waters and even some chocolate (that is if my Better-Half left any).

When your name is called, your masseuse will introduce her/him self and escort you to the respective room. The rooms themselves continue the soothing environment and are decorated professionally and comfortably. Depending upon your massage, he masseuse will ask which oil type you prefer (I.e., vanilla, chamomile, etc.). And off you go. Obviously, everyone has their own preferences of a great massage – and I can only share that I have always left very satisfied. The masseuses take great of guests, and will ask you if their pressure needs adjusting, or if you would like one area worked on more. We typically go for a 60-minute massage – and it’s just that – 60 minutes and never any less. Good value for the money for sure.

After the massage, you have time to lay and relax before having the option of enjoying the relaxation chamber before moving on to the locker rooms and showers. Note that the showers include branded -soap/shampoo, combs, and shower caps. I would love to see skin lotions, deodorant products, after-shaves, etc. included and have made that suggestion to the owner – as I have spoken with him on multiple occasions due to him working the front desk to ensure we are satisfied (which we’ve always been).

The Mandala Day Spa is a great Budapest escape. It’s a location-warp to a comfortable, exotic place on another continent. We leave refreshed, satisfied and happy that we received excellent value for our investment.

MyTownBudapest Insights:

  1. Relaxing
  2. Professional
  3. Feel great afterwards
  4. Wish we went daily
  5. Make reservations

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